Below is our take on color. Click any color to see currently available and past products in a specific hue.

  • White

    Bright to cloudy, whites come in an array of shades. We've done a few that are now our favorites.

  • Neutral

    Our neutrals are very off-whites, beige or greys.

  • Black

    Black is almost neutral now in any design scenario, but in high gloss it can pack a punch.

  • Red

    Red can be scary or oh so classy. check out the reds we love.

  • Orange

    Orange is the team color of my rival college football team, but honestly in high gloss furniture, I think it's my absolutely favorite.

  • Yellow

    Soft and buttery, citrus or mustard, the range of yellows is vast.

  • Green

    If you've read my About, you know I love green but it doesn't always love me back. The green range from olive to neon is so much fun!

  • Blue

    The world's favorite color. Sky to sea there isn't a shade that won't look stunning on refreshed vintage furniture.

  • Pink

    A very hard color to get right. The composition of pink has so much red and often yellow, that picking pinks gives me the most anxiety.

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Waterbased 2k Lacquer

We use a waterbased 2k (catalyzed) lacquer. That means we add a catalyst material to our primer, color and top coat with every coat we spray. This catalyst speeds up dry time and produces a much harder and durable surface. A 2k finish is defined as having a catalyst added. A 1k or pre-cat does not have a catalyst added to each coat.

Catalyzed or 2k lacquers are tricky and hard to do. Application is only through professional spray equipment. It dries in a very short amount of time, which also risks damage to the equipment if you don’t time it right. We believe though, the risk is definitely worth the gorgeous outcome!

Finish Options

Our water-based 2k lacquer is available in matte, satin or a high gloss finish. Color options are endless. We often use swatch books from known brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Curator or Farrow & Ball. We also have the ability to match to anything you can imagine, apparel, wallpaper, even a napkin. If you find a color you want for a piece, let us know and we can find you a match.

Shipping & Delivery

Local Pickup is always free.

Local Delivery within the Portland Metro Area is $200.00, Delivery can usually be arranged within a week or so.

Nationwide Shipping is provided by a private network of white glove shippers. Lead times range from 2-12 weeks depending upon season and distance. Rate is determined by your zip code at checkout.

Pieces smaller than 30" on all sides can be shipped in a double-walled box via USPS, UPS or FedEx Ground. Arrival is usually within 14-21 days.



The Makers

We provide a short background on the brand of every piece we sell. We do our research and love to pass it along. Click on any product and read about their maker.

  • Rare-loom = Rheirloom

    Every piece is one-of-a-kind. Transformed by design from forgotten and forelorn to unique and coveted.

  • Shipping & Delivery

    Nationwide shipping by a private network of independent white glove shippers.

  • Sustainability

    We use a specialized water-based catalyzed lacquer to protect our planet and support the sustainable design movement.