About Casey

Hello, I’m Casey.

I am a maker.Casey Grace Artist and Maker, refurbished furniture, maximalism, grandmillenial, lacquered furniture, colorful abstract art I love to get my hands dirty, especially when there is a can of paint (or ball of yarn), involved.

The transformative power of color for me is immense. Art, walls, cabinets, fences, clothes, homes, furniture, you name it, I’ve done it. From the time I was young, adding or subtracting color or texture to transform something has been my passion. The rush from using my hands to build out my imagination invigorates me.

Through that transformative process I have made some questionable choices over the years, usually involving shades of green. Heck, I even had to paint my house twice to get the shade right! However, my curiosity is relentless, and that is the point of wisdom. Experimentation and learning are a lifelong pursuit.

After a 20+ year career in Nike Design, doing everything from illustration to strategy and organizing talent, constantly thinking on a global scale, I walked away, retired. I wanted to do something messy again, hands-on. I needed to leverage all that I’d learned and been exposed to and s l o w down.

I’ve now taken the time to explore through flipping a house, flipping furniture, and launching an art collection. I tried a bit of consulting, but my body seemed to reject that. I choose to believe my heart was taking the wheel. Green mistakes be damned!

Casey Grace Studios is the heart-centered landing pad of my maker mindset. I don’t know exactly where it will lead me, but I am open to all that it inspires every step of the way.

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over on the blog

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