• Shifted Perspective

    This is Casey's Shifted Perspective Collection born out of a personal health crisis and the pandemic isolation we all experienced. The strong graphic style speaks to a need gain control. Layered planes of color represent the joyful surprises that come from a lack of control.

  • Beautiful Rebellion

    Fluid painterly strokes, rebelling from designer tendencies into an unknown space. This collection is about welcome accidents, sensations and lost time.

  • Integration

    The Integration Collection came into being with a test on my studio table. I wasn't sure it was anything, but then kept coming back to it, so I explored more. It seems to speak to how imbalance is the norm we have to accept.



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Method & Materials

Casey's material preferences are hot press paper, wood block canvas, or panels designed for acrylic paint. Casey’s methods involve layers and planes of color in various levels of opacity. Using multiple mediums, brushes and implements, she adds and removes material in layers to achieve her final result.

Packing & Shipping

Packing & Shipping creates a lot of waste.

Your piece will be hand wrapped and tied in new parcel paper. But we work hard at reusing existing packing materials from around the shop. That could include bubble wrap or corigated and perforated recycled packing sheets.

You will have your choice of shipping option at checkout. This includes USPS, UPS, Fedex & DHL.