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Waterbased Lacquer

We use a waterbased 2k (catalyzed) lacquer. That means we add a catalyst material to our primer, color and top coat with every coat we spray. This catalyst speeds up dry time and produces a much harder and durable surface. A 2k finish is defined as having a catalyst added. A 1k or pre-cat does not have a catalyst added to each coat.

Catalyzed or 2k lacquers are tricky and hard to do. Application is only through professional spray equipment. It dries in a very short amount of time, which also risks damage to the equipment if you don’t time it right. We believe though, the risk is definitely worth the gorgeous outcome!

Finish Options

Our water-based 2k lacquer is available in matte, satin or a high gloss finish. Color options are endless. We often use swatch books from known brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Curator or Farrow & Ball. We also have the ability to match to anything you can imagine, apparel, wallpaper, even a napkin. If you find a color you want for a piece, let us know and we can find you a match.

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The Makers

We provide a short background on the brand of every piece we buy. We do our research and love to pass it along.