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If you're unfamiliar with affiliate links and what this disclosure means, this page is intended to provide some clarity.

Today, most shopping sites and brands offer affiliate programs which most anyone can participate in. Amazon, Etsy, Target and many many more have an approval process that determines if you have sufficient influence to represent their products. Influence is determined by various metrics dictated by the brand offering the program.

I am an affiliate for Etsy, Amazon and Target today. I share links from those sites that have a piece of digital code. If you purchase something as a result of clicking one of my links, I may be given a very small commission on that sale. Various product categories have various rates, usually all single digit. Not all product categories earn commissions and with some programs you do not need to purchase the exact item from the link. 

All brands that offer affiliate programs have different sets of rules, however all brands and influencers sharing links, must comply with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosures. 



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over on the blog

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