At Casey Grace Studios, we apply a philosophy to our Rheirloom Design furniture process. It is centered around a few simple ideas. It doesn’t take a lot to create great transformation, so we like to keep it simple, take our time and be deliberate.


We select quality pieces that have stood the test of time. We choose brands that were the height of quality and craftsmanship during their time, proving their worth through sheer survival generation after generation.


The patina of a life well lived may leave a few scars but there’s also wisdom to build upon. We hunt far and wide for pieces that have design lines that are classic and will work with today's style. Most have better craftsmanship than what you can buy today, but may need a little bit of love. Often we are forced to take a pause before we say no. New brass feet, polished hardware, and a shiny new coat are simple shifts to transform a beautifully designed piece that might otherwise be headed for the dumpster. It takes creativity, but we'll always take time for more of that.


Go bold or go home is a common theme when revamping what’s already great. Decisions must be carefully considered. Color, legs, hardware, edge banding, a new back, lining…how might this piece be best used today? How can we ensure a piece be loved by new generations whilst respecting the original craftsmanship and design? Who will bring the piece home?

In the end, we want customers to know that this furniture was crafted by a different generation, almost never replicated today. We work hard to breathe beauty and strength into a new classic that you can envision in your home and we're proud to call a Rheirloom.

We are thankful for the opportunity to bring beautiful furniture into the homes of the unconventional homeowner. We sincerely hope our efforts inspire a love of vintage and an appreciation for our Rheirloom Designs that will sustain many more generations to come.