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Written by: Casey Lehner



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This furniture journey was probably my ultimate destination, but I didn't know it until I “retired.” But let me back up a few years, when I was still working my corporate gig. I think my true obsession for gorgeously designed, high end vintage brands, started with my closet. I was in the 4th home I’d remodeled and designed stem to stern and shopping for furniture in this particular home pulled me toward vintage mid-century pieces. This house was a long one level ranch on a half acre and the rooms were generous with 6 tall and wide floor to ceiling windows. It was lovely, but the master suite left a lot to be desired compared to modern standards. The bath was vintage baby blue tile in perfect condition, but had a very tiny footprint and I knew when I bought this house that to maximize it’s potential it needed a new epic master suite. I’m mean geez, if I’m going to go to the trouble of updating it, I had to do this home justice!

So after catching my breath for about a year after phase 1 (the whole house), I added on a 4th bedroom and new master bath and closet, it essentially was about a 30’ wing to the house. The closet itself was 13x14, which could have been a bedroom by the way. In fact I designed the master entrance such that it could easily have been moved a few feet to make the closet a 5th bedroom or studio of some sort. But it’s true intention was the closet I was determined to be stupendous, cue song birds and church bells! (I’ve banished myself from using epic anymore in this blog post)!

I knew I wanted these retail quality brass and acrylic rails and shelving. Check! I had a 2nd set of washer/dryer installed. Check! But the back wall needed to be a vanity, more shelving and drawers. The vanity was required because I literally can’t see without a 25x magnification to put on mascara – yes, I’m at that age now! The process also reminds me of my grammy sitting at her 1970’s built-in bathroom vanity too.

The room was designed with double pocket doors so I wanted it to be a little dramatic and unique, so I went vintage! I found these gorgeous Henredon china cabinets from the 1950’s and had them shipped from Florida. They were perfect to display hand bags, and shoes, keeping them relatively dust free was my argument. But I had to find a painter that could do a hard catalyzed finish in a paint shop. At the time there was only 1 place in town that did it, but they could not do high gloss, so satin it was, but they are still stunners!

I still had to find the middle section though. For the longest time I considered doing a custom piece, but then I found this desk and the measurements were perfect. This piece though is from Drexel and obviously the campaign hardware is not the same, but none of these were attached to the wall, so I could replace it at any point in time. I knew I could still use the desk somewhere else if I found a perfect Henredon replacement. But painted the same, it was still a beautiful area to come into every morning and evening. I often meditated in that space too.

This closet was the culmination of a VERY FUN house tour every time I entertained. I loved every inch of that house!

Good news is I still have these pieces because the people that bought that house didn’t want them – insane, right?! I figure they wanted more hanging space. Sheesh…I’d give up clothes, bags and shoes, to keep them!

So, this is a little peak into my early obsession. Even after that house was done I never stopped searching for beautiful vintage Henredon, Drexel, Widdicomb, Hepplewhite, etc. So if you’re ever in need of a closet consult – give me a call!

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