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Bennet is a Vintage Drexel Flip Top Bar/Liquor Cabinet, freshly lacquered in high gloss Polo Blue by Benjamin Moore. This piece measures 60" with both sides fully extended. The back is also finished so it could be pulled away from a wall. There are 2 newly lined drawers, and behind the cabinet doors are 2 half-depth shelves, which are very helpful to house those tall liquor bottles or the odd magnum you have lying around!
The original brass hardware has been polished to perfection and protected to prevent future tarnish. This baby is ready for a celebration!

height x width x depth (minus hardware)

33” x 40” x 19”

flip top fully extended = 60"

interior cabinet height = 19.5"

Maker / Designer


Polo Blue 2062-10
Benjamin Moore


33"h x 40"w x 19"d
fold out = 60"
cabinet height = 19.5"


Our lacquer finish is catalyzed (2k) at every coat. It is a very durable finish and will ensure for decades with proper care. We recommend dusting often and using coasters and protective felt feet on pointed objects.

For cleaning greasy finger prints or dirty smudges, this is the product we use for the "final finish". It is waterbased and will not react with our finish. Do not substitute with a solvent-based finishing spray.  We recommend both the Meguiars Final Finish and these microfiber cloths.

Do not use any cleansers with ammonia or other harsh chemicals, it will dull the finish.

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