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The Gradys

The Gradys

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These were built by the Grand Rapids Furniture Co in Michigan, a hotbed of historic furniture builders in the mid-20th century. Made out of mahogany, they would have been beautiful just refinished, but they were damaged enough to feel ok about a transformation. These have been painted with Curator high gloss paint in their color Wilde. It is a lovely bright green, leaning towards a fresh avocado color in the shadows. This color reminds me of the new tufts of growth on a fir tree. They always start out bright green and then darken as they mature.

The Grady’s has been previously loved by prior generations so minor imperfections should be expected.

Maker / Designer


from Curator Paints


25"h x 18"w x 18"d


This has been finished in Curator, an Irish import not easy to come by in the United States. We prefer Curator for its amazing color palette and the glorious hard finish and shine that nearly matches that of lacquer. We recommend dusting often and using a very mild soap and soft sponge or microfiber cloth if necessary for spills. Do not use any cleansers with ammonia or other harsh chemicals, it will destroy the gloss finish.

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