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The Wyndells

The Wyndells

Freshly lacquered in satin Ivory White. These are from White Furniture Co, which is along the lines of Drexel quality during their day.

There are 3 very generous drawers in each, which are impeccably clean. The original brass hardware has been cleaned, polished and new protectorate applied to inhibit future tarnish.

These have been previously loved by prior generations so minor imperfections should be expected. This entire collection was in amazing shape when originally rescued and all drawers work perfectly. With proper care, it will last for many more generations!

Maker / Designer


Simply White 2143-70 Benjamin Moore


25"h x 24"w x 16"d


Our water-based 2k lacquer finish is tough as nails and will endure decades with proper care. We recommend dusting often and using a very mild soap and soft sponge or microfiber cloth if necessary for spills. Do not use any cleansers with ammonia or other harsh chemicals, it will destroy the finish.



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